The following policies, procedures and forms are available for download. Please note that the document version is uncontrolled when printed.

HEFOR01 Financial Hardship Form

HEPP03 Student Complaints and Grievance Policy

HEPP05 Academic Appeals Policy and Procedure

HEPP06 Academic Freedom Policy.pdf

HETOR07 Student Representative Committee TOR_V2.5.pdf

HEPP30 Graduation Policy and Procedure.pdf

HEPP36 Advanced Standing Policy and Procedure_V1.0.pdf

HEPP37 Admissions Policy and Procedure V1.3.pdf

HEPP58 Supplementary Assessment and Special Consideration.pdf

PP71 Bullying and Harassment Policy.pdf

PP76 Ethical Behaviour Policy.pdf

Workplace Discrimination & Harassment Policy.pdf

HEPP58 Deferring, Suspending or Cancelling Student Enrolment Policy and Procedure 1.0

HEPP62 International Student Monitoring Course Progress Policy and Procedure

HEPP02 Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedure

HEPP07 Student Conduct Policy

HEPP25 Refund Policy and Procedure

HEPP29 Student Progress and Exclusion Policy and Procedure

HEPP60 Sexual Harassment Policy

Sexual Assault-Harassment Complaint Form

HEPP10 Workplace Investigations Policy and Procedure