International Resident Pathway

Applicants who live outside of Australia may apply for a student visa to study in Australia. Please contact our enrolment officers or use the link below, to connect with a staff member who will talk to you about the specific entry requirements for the course you are interested in.

English Language Minimums

The minimum English language requirement for entry to a SCEI-HE undergraduate course is IELTS 6.0, or equivalent.If you have received a diploma, or higher, that was delivered entirely in the English language, you haveautomatically satisfied SCEI-HE English language requirements.

Under this category of entry, you will:
  • Have completed a course of study equivalent to Australia Year 12 of secondary education and provide evidence of your results.
  • Have sat an English language proficiency test that gave a result of a minimum IELTS 6.0, or whatever the minimum English requirement for the specific undergraduate course is.
  • Sit an interview with a coordinator or enrolment officer to determine your readiness to enrol in the desired course of higher education.

Special Requirements

For some courses, you need to have specific knowledge of certain subjects to gain entry. Please check the specific entry requirements for the course you are interested in.

Your chosen undergraduate course may require a certain level of Maths and/or English.
Be prepared to offer evidence of all the studies you have undertaken and transcripts of the results of those qualifications.