Southern Cross Education Institute

Our Team

Your SCEI-HE experience will be supported by an academic director, course coordinators, field placement team, student welfare coordinator, and staff and student support officers.

I would like to welcome you to Southern Cross Education Institute – Higher Education (SCEI-HE). The courses we are currently offering include the Bachelor of Human and Community Services, the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and the Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood Education.

Silvija Dobson, CEO

These courses provide high-standard quality of provision and career prospects in Australia and internationally. We offer key practical and hands-on professional experience through work placements in partnership with reputable organisations, institutions and centres in the community. The experiential nature of our courses through external placement opportunities has been designed to combine study and real-world experience to increase opportunities for our students to develop the skills, networks and tools they need to successfully secure full-time and part-time work in their chosen field. The courses we offer are accredited by relevant government agencies, professional and industry bodies.

We are committed to providing a collaborative and active learning environment, fostering a culture of scholarship in teaching, learning and research in our curriculum and pedagogy. This is also supported by academic integrity and continuous improvement in your learning experience and professional development. Our teaching teams are highly qualified and experienced, and most have PhDs in relevant areas of teaching and research. The SCEI-HE teaching team comprises some of the most dedicated team members you will love to learn with.

SCEI-HE is regarded by stakeholders as a respected, ethical, innovative, and sustainable national quality higher education provider through a supportive and positive learning environment that focuses on theoretical knowledge, practical application and promoting academic excellence.

The six core SCEI-HE values are excellence, inclusivity, communitas, accountability, partnership, and academic freedom and freedom of opinion. We have campuses in Melbourne and Adelaide and are expanding nationally. SCEI-HE envisions an expansion in offer in 2022 to 2023.

into Bachelor and Master programs in Teaching both in the primary and secondary education sector along with a Master in Social Work (qualifying) to increase pathways for our students and the network of partnerships.

We have successfully transitioned students into careers in health, education and community services and enjoy working with engaged students. We welcome you on board and look forward to supporting you in this exciting journey to success.

Organisational Structure

SCEI-HE values cultural diversity in the workplace. We hire employees from all sorts of different backgrounds, regardless of race, religion and culture as we understand it strengthens both communities and the workplace. We believe diversity enriches the educational experience and challenges stereotyped preconceptions. Diversity also encourages critical thinking, and helps staff and students learn to communicate effectively with people of varied backgrounds.


The staffing complement of each or our courses encompasses the educational, academic support and administrative needs of our students. Teaching and welfare staff are accessible to students for individual assistance as needed – as are our friendly IT and administrative staff.