Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood Education

The Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood Education will grow your abilities to be a self-sufficient, versatile and creative early childhood educator. You will develop and advance your skills in supporting the learning needs of diverse learners across the curriculum from birth to five years of age. You will build effective relationships with children, families and communities to develop evidence based educational interventions.


Industry professional placement subjects are embedded in the course and are completed in a regulated early childhood education service.


A reflexive professional practitioner, you will be able to register with the Victorian Institute of Teaching to teach in an early childhood setting with children aged birth to five years.


Accredited by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Authority (ACECQA).Accredited by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Authority (ACECQA) students study early childhood cognitive, social and physical development along with education theory and curriculum development in historical context. Classroom management techniques as well as skills in teaching literacy and numeracy are taught in line with national and state early learning frameworks (EYLF and VEYLDF). Industry placement units are embedded into the course providing consistent opportunities for students to implement and develop their practical skills.



GDECE is Approved by the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) 

100 Credit Points

Full Time 1 Years

Face To Face

8 Subjects 4 per Semester

Work Placement- 60 days

Completed at the end of each Semester


Students interested in progressing further in this area, may choose to study one of the following areas on completion of the Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood Education:



Masters / Doctoral studies


The course is one year full-time and comprises 8 subjects.
A full time load is 4 subjects per semester which is 12-14 weeks in length.


Each subject carries a time commitment of 3 – 4 hours of face to face tuition and to up to 6 hours of private study per week.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the 106561H Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood Education may find employment with government, private enterprises and not-for-profit organisations.

Graduate employment opportunities include:

• Early learning and  childcare centres
• Kindergarten teaching (private or public)
• Government agencies

Course Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this degree will:

  • Interpret and integrate professional standards for teachers demonstrating 21st century skills.
  • Critically evaluate educational theory and research in the design and implementation of learning experience. 
  • Appraise different worldviews and socio political circumstances to design learning and interventions that promote engagement and inclusion.  
  • Generate safe and inclusive teaching practices to meet the needs of diverse learners. 

  • Collaborate ethically with children, parents and colleagues as capable contributors. 
  • Demonstrate advanced curriculum and pedagogical knowledge to develop learning that empowers and develops 21st century skills in learners. 
  • Critically reflect on own professional practice
  • Formulate a personal teaching and professional practice philosophy that advocates for children’s rightsand the public good 

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